How will I pay for my flight hours?

Unlike other flying schools, we do not expect you to pay for the entire course up front, but we do expect you to pay for each lesson before you fly, with cash or by electronic fund transfer (EFT) to our bank account.

You can purchase the necessary flying equipment and books as you need them during the course. Theory courses can be paid for immediately before attending each course.

If you intend to fly weekends only, flying lessons can cost you as little as R4000 per month ( for 2 lessons per month), which you can pay for by monthly debit order.

Deposits may also be made into our bank account, and before the funds are exhausted, you will need to deposit a further amount before flying again.

Hire of our C172 aircraft for a flying lesson costs R 1600 per hour

Instructor’s fee is R 250 per hour, excluding VAT.