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How will I get a license?

Book a Trial Lesson with Wits Flying Club. During this flight you will be taken on a 50 minute flight, during which, one of our highly experienced instructors will teach you to taxi the aircraft on the ground and allow you to feel what it is like to control the aircraft in flight. After the first exhilarating experience of flying you will be hooked for life and book your first full lesson.

The Private Pilot Licence flying course follows a prescribed lesson plan. The first licence you obtain after passing the flying medical, as well as a test on Air Law and Technical test on the aircraft, and having completed several flight lessons, is the Student Pilot Licence.

After obtaining a Student Pilot Licence and mastered the art of safely landing the aircraft, using the radio and dealing with emergencies in the circuit pattern, you will be sent on your first “Solo”. This, never to be forgotten flight, is an exhilarating circuit of the airport by yourself for the first time, and marks your induction as  a Pilot.

Thereafter, following the prescribed course you need to complete a legal minimum of 40 hours flight training (out of which 15 hours must be solo), attend course for the 8 subjects, and pass all the required tests (both theory and flight), you will obtain the Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Depending on how often you fly as well as your aptitude, co-ordination, depth perception and multi tasking ability, the PPL will take between 40 and 55 flying hours to complete. This can be done in as short a time as 3 months full time, or 9 months if you fly  weekends only.