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Welcome to our club!

Wits Flying Club, an organisation incorporated not for gain, has been operating for more than 40 years.

Wits Flying Club purpose is to provide expert, safe training for flying students by highly experienced and passionate instructors at reasonable cost.  We also offer a superb club atmosphere where the member can enjoy flying talks, socials, fly-away days, flying movies and flying safety talks.

Wits Flying Club started as a flying club associated with Witwatersrand University. It is now open for all members of the public to join, participate in club activities, learn to fly, obtain higher pilot licences and ratings as well as aircraft hire and fly.

Since inception, Wits Flying Club has trained numerous private pilots, commercial pilots, flying instructors as well as airline pilots.  Many current airline pilots, flying  for airlines around the world, were trained at Wits Flying Club.

Services We Offer


Stop dreaming - start flying! Take the first step in becoming one of the select few, an aviator. Contact us now for excellent training at a price you can afford.

Type Ratings

Rating Courses are equally as important as flight training and we encourage our students to commit to all courses seriously.  Contact us for a list of available type rating courses.


Start earning money when you fly. Your Commercial Pilot License entitles you to fly for commercial purposes. Contact us today for more information and very reasonable rates.

Hire & Fly

Wits Flying Club airplanes are available for hire & fly at competitive rates. If you hold a Private Pilot License, contact us for more information right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a PPL cost me?

This will depend on how long you take. At present, the Aircraft Hire and Instruction, Ground School and Exams will cost you about ±R87 000 (incl. VAT). Books, theory courses, a...

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How will I pay for my flight hours?

Unlike other flying schools, we do not expect payment up front, but you will have to pay as you fly. We cannot accept fly now and pay later. Payment can be made...

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How long will it take me to get my PPL?

A minimum of 45 flight hours are required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, of which 15 hours must be solo time. Most people at the club obtain their...

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How do I get Started?

Flight training takes place from our Clubhouse at Gate 5 (near the Permit Office) at Lanseria International Airport. If you wish, you can be taken for an introductory flight...

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How will I get a license?

The first license a pilot gets is typically a Student Pilot License (SPL). SPL holders authorized to fly dual with an instructor or solo if supervised by an instructor, but...

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Who may Fly?

Anybody who is medically fit and at least 17 years of age is legally entitled to fly as a pilot. In fact you may begin your training before your 17th...

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